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Gabriela Castellanos


Gabriela is a Guatemalan that has been a volunteer for over 24 years in various nonprofit organizations in her country, working mainly with abused children, people in extreme poverty, and homeless families. She started getting involved with ROMP as a volunteer for translations in volunteer programs, and after helping with some bookkeeping tasks, she finally joined the team in 2019. She graduated from Universidad Galileo with two bachelors: Industrial Engineering and Administrative Engineering; a Postgraduate Degree in Finances and Masters in Re-engineering in 2011. Her professional experience is mainly in project management, process optimization, and business reengineering. She’s currently living in Ecuador, helping ROMP’s chapters to strengthen their processes while exploring her other career as an interior designer; she designed a few ROMP spaces in Ecuador and Denver and is looking forward to creating more great spaces for the ROMP staff and patients.


Abstract: Mobility for All

The verb “to break” in Spanish, is “romper.” Fifteen years ago, when we came up with the name “Range of Motion Project” and the acronym “ROMP,” we didn’t realize how fitting this would be. ROMP has been breaking barriers, breaking limitations, and breaking the mold for what is possible for people living with amputation ever since. We serve our patients with high-quality prosthetic care and grow from a small, prosthetic organization to a global mobility brand. We have raised the standards for the industry beyond delivering prosthetic devices, but also provide mobile clinic services, community-based rehabilitation, and cutting edge technologies to the most marginalized people with amputation. There are millions of people around the world without access to adequate prosthetic care. We believe in Mobility for All. Join us in this vision and together we can change the world.

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