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Kelly Masegian

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Kelly Masegian is the SJSU Career Counselor for STEM careers and Liaison to College of Engineering, and former Internship Coordinator with the Foothill/DeAnza Internship Program at NASA Ames.  She received her MS in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Career Counseling from Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio, TX.  She also received a Career Development Facilitator certification from the National Career Development Association as a supplement to her degree.  She is passionate about helping students with career development and is a proponent of lifelong learning.


Abstract: Design Your Future Career

Do you have questions about how to determine your next steps in your career?  Are you worried about how to prepare for jobs that don't even exist yet?    From assessing your strengths to mapping strategies to building valuable experience, you will emerge from this session with a process for prototyping your career throughout your life.
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