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Felix Vega, VMD


About the Speaker
Dr. Felix Vega has over 32 years of experience as a veterinary clinician. He has spent the last 24 years working in the preclinical development and evaluation of medical devices. As a veterinarian at a preclinical contract research organization (CRO), Dr. Vega was involved in the
assessment of products ranging from biomaterials and biologicals, diagnostic devices, surgical instrumentation, devices and endovascular devices ranging from guide wires through replacement valves and ventricular assist devices. He has significant experience in the translation of technology from preclinical experience to clinical application. Dr. Vega has also worked as the Director of Medical Affairs for a large multinational corporation, and with start-up device companies to perform the First In Human trials and perform the training for the initial large-scale regulatory trials.

Abstract: Application of the 3 R's: Sustainability in Nonclinical Research
While the concept of sustainability is a relatively new idea, the movement as a whole has roots in social justice, conservationism, internationalism, and other past movements with rich histories. By the end of the twentieth century, many of these ideas had come together in the call for ‘sustainable development. 1 Nonclinical research using animals as models for safety testing has used a system of sustainability since 1959 when Russell and Burch first published The Principles of Humane Experimental Technique. This talk will introduce the 3 R’s and illustrate how these long-standing principles in nonclinical research are highly applicable to today’s sustainability movement.

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