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Poster Session

Students from San Jose State University and other universities around California dedicated time and effort to research different topics related to their field of study. Posters would be displayed during the duration of the conference. For those who are interested,  there will also be an afternoon session for project discussion.

The 2021 conference projects are listed below.

Undergraduate Research Projects


NoLapse - Anti-Stoma Prolapse Device 

 Heather Cruz, Anmolpreet Mavi, Shivani Parmar

 San Jose State University

The No-Lapse is a silicone-based medical device composed of two rings connected by a rod, providing a non-surgical cure to a stoma prolapse. One ring is inserted through the stoma opening into the abdominal wall, and the other externally communicating. 

Characterizing the Performance of Fluidic Muscles for Use in an Assistive Knee Brace

Haadi Elahi*, Indeever Madireddy**, Aayush Vemuri**, Marvin Perez*

* San Jose State University, ** IntelliScience Institute

Custom fluidic muscles have been constructed and tested under different operating pressures and loads. Analysis of the muscle behavior was used to redesign an assistive knee brace for muscle rehabilitation.


3-D Printed Dog Splint

Myra Awan, Donna Abido 

San Jose State University

The project consists of creating a framework of splint design for a canine with genetic limb deformities. the design will increase customizability and quality of fit and comfort, and mobility for the dog when injured.

Investigation of a DBD Plasma Helium Jet for Medical Applications

Khadijah Atthar, Bhavya Bellannagari*, Vedmanvitha Ketireddy*, Anthony Suman**, Neha Suri*, Alaap Rag*, Sohail Zaidi

*IntelliScience Training Institute, San Jose **Department of Mechanical Engineering, San Jose State University, San Jose.

Plasma jet devices are developed for their effective use in medicine. A plasma jet device was characterized by measuring plasma plume temperatures, lengths, input powers, and plasma radical emission lines.

Design Evolution of a DBD Plasma Jet Device for Rapid Wound Healing and Sterilization

Michael Banga**, Bhavya Bellannagari*, Kathy Hoang**, Shivani Kota*, Hiral Mehta*, Raghav Pramod Murthy*, Sohail Zaidi**

**Department of Mechanical Engineering, San Jose State University, San Jose

This work presents the development of three plasma jet torches for rapid wound healing/sterilization. The limitations of each plasma jet torch were identified and were eliminated by a subsequent design.

Characterization of anisotropic properties of FFF infill percentage and pattern


Hieu Nugyen, Ruth Sosa

 San Jose State University, Jabil 

The purpose of this project is to characterize the anisotropic flexural properties of 3D printed infill patterns produced from flexible thermoplastic elastomer materials in Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) applications.

Disinfection Robot

Ngoc Tu, Dhonald Gatpo, Rupinderjit Virik

San Jose State University, Jabil

Our long-term goal is to research and develop an autonomous disinfection robot that performs cleaning and sanitization for places with high risks of disease transmission. The overall objective of this project is to design a functional model of an autonomous sanitization robot, and build and test the functional prototype to verify if it fully meets the design specifications.

Ingrown Toenail Repair Device

Thang Doan, Leonardo Ramirez 

 San Jose State University

Our device is a safe and effective treatment for ingrown toenails. Our overall goal is to decrease reliance on surgery to treat severe ingrown toenails that might otherwise discourage patients.

Flexible Batteries

Simone Caruso, Devon Turgeon, ZiHao Fan

 [San Jose State University, Jabil

We will be testing various flexible solid state batteries from different manufacturers for flexibility and reliability using a three point bend test and high temperature storage system.

A Review of Hemostasis and Thrombosis Microfluidics

Rabena Amanuel; Sarita Kumari; Izza Murtaza  

San Jose State University 

A literature review compiling relevant new information on aspects of thrombosis and hemostasis microfluidics such as design, fabrication, and detection methods focused on the improvement of clinical translation of coagulation therapeutics.

Fluid Behavior Evaluation for varying Hydrophobicity and RPM Level in Centrifugal Step Emulsification Chips

Swetha Edavath Kandiyil, Ralion Herzog

San Jose State University

Our project focuses on evaluating our centrifugal step emulsification chips’ ability to achieve controllable droplet generation based on differing hydrophobicity level and rpm.

Microfluidic Sensor System to Investigate Cell-Secreted Biomarkers

Fiara Llaguno

San Jose State University

To improve accuracy and speed of diagnosing and studying pediatric atopic dermatitis (AD), we aim to develop a microfluidic, electrochemical biosensor for multiplex detection of AD biomarkers interferon-gamma and interleukin-31.

Design and Fabrication of the Optically-Clear Test Section and Heart Valve

Jericho Liba, Zachary Orcullo,

Vy Truong

San Jose State University

In our research project, we created a transparent test section via 3D printing, which is a vital component of the Mock Circulation Loop (MCL), which the MCL, overall, is not within the spectrum of this project. In order to observe the test section's efficiency through leakages and distortion, we created a blood analogue, or a transparent liquid that exhibits similar properties to blood. Then we inserted the analogue into the test section via inlet to observe for leakages and distortion.


Nanoparticles for Breast Cancer Research

Thomas Bi, Juan Reyna, 

Sukhjiwan Singh

San Jose State University

Our group aims to research the use of nanoparticles to aid in the delivery of chemotherapeutic drugs to triple-negative breast cancer tumors in a hypoxic environment

Evaluating The Effects of the Anastomotic Angle and Compliance Mismatch on the Hemodynamics of an End-to-Side Graft

Alyssa Occiano , Alex Guerra, Amelito Reyes

San Jose State University

The project consists of COMSOL simulations depicting fluid flow in an end-to-side anastomosis between the host artery and the graft. The results of the numerical data are analyzed to draw connections to intimal hyperplasia.


Bisphosphonate Delivery to Bones Using Cell Membrane-Coated Nanoparticles 

Hannah Sofia Ochoa Sanchez, Arturo Chavez

San Jose State University

Our project serves to develop a more biocompatible and immunocompatible treatment for osteoporosis. Our approach selects the use of novel, hybridized cell membrane-coated nanoparticles that promote native interactions with cells.


Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) - 3D HP Printer Connectivity


Angela Trans, Nicholas Armas, Nicole Arosteguy

San Jose State University, Jabil

The purpose of the project is to develop an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform for the model HP Jet Fusion 4200 3D Printer. Data Collection and Data Aggregation will be the focus of our research of the four IIoT phases, with the objective to establish a connectivity framework to enable printer data collection and apply data structuring methods to enhance data quality. 


Design and Numerical Validation of Trileaflet Mechanical Heart Valves


Lianne Posadas,Jazmeen Ravendran Pillay

San Jose State University

We designed a microfluidic chip that mimics the fluidic environment inside of pulmonary vasculature in order to study the molecular mechanisms 


International Business Machining (IBM) Initiative


Calla Frankel

San Jose State University

In this research project, the chemical functionalization and biosafety protocols of silicone and carbon-based medical device materials will be fast-tracked by leveraging IBM tools, courses, and resources.

Green, Innovative, and Optimized Modular Packaging Design

Ekaterina Azrapkina, Randal Gee

San Jose State University

Packaging design optimization for various package types actively used in production with the opportunity to streamline operations and determine whether existing processes are adequate or if the change is recommended.

Microfluidics to Study Platelet-Mediated Circulating Tumor Cell Extravasation

Audrey Jebasingam; Britanie Butts; Feyza Yazar

San Jose State University

The purpose of this project is to design and fabricate a microfluidic chip that can be used to elucidate mechanisms involved in adhesion, arrest, and extravasation of circulating tumor cells. 

Improving the design of a paper-based microfluidic device for colorimetric assay of serum creatinine based on the Jaffe reaction

Arjun Shyam, Camilla Hanson

San Jose State University

In our project, we simulated the performance of our microfluidic device using COMSOL. The goal of the improved device is to accurately measure serum creatinine levels while reducing the time required

Premature Infant Positioning Tool


Pedro Velazquez  Jessica Horton

San Jose State University

This project designed a novel tool to help NICU nurses develop skill sets for caring for premature babies. The tool emulates features and physical behaviors of a premature baby.


Portable Sterilization System for Medical Instruments during Disaster Situations


Ben Phung, Federico Rojas

San Jose State University

During a disaster, the purity of needed medical devices may be compromised. Henceforth, this project aims to design a portable sterilization system to prepare EMTs for such situations. 


The Effect of Electron Beam Radiation on the Performance of Force-Sensistive Resistors


Adam Schaps, James Mijares

San Jose State University

Our project is a pilot study into observing the effect electron beam sterilization may have on the performance capability of force-sensitive resistors using multiple resistor models and multiple dosing points to compare to non-irradiated versions of the same resistors.


Smart Factory


Jamil Halaseh, Maxwell Spielman, Geovanni Mora

San Jose State University, Jabil

Smart manufacturing utilizes data gathered in real-time to optimize the manufacturing process. It relies on the rapid exchange of information between steps within a system.


UCSF: Balloon Brace

Noel Fabionar, Chris Kim,

Michael Vitale

San Jose State University

Based on the original Balloon Brace™ device, our project aims to research and design an improved soft compression brace for cost-effective treatment of Pectus Carinatum.

Pectus Vac

Jeesu Kim, Miral Patel 

San Jose State University

A literature review compiling relevant new information on aspects of thrombosis and hemostasis microfluidics such as design, fabrication, and detection methods focused on improvement of clinical translation of coagulation therapeutics.


Osteolysis Prevention for Titanium Hip Implants

David Canoy, Amanda Hawrysz, Mahnoor Khan , Kevin Wiest 

San Jose State University

Abrasion testing in the femoral cavity is being analyzed. Research is being conducted to determine a bioactive polymer that may improve hip implant osseointegration to prevent aseptic loosening.


Microfluidic Chip to Characterize the Effect of Shear Flow on Pulmonary Vascular Endothelial Cell Barrier Function


Lianne Posadas,Jazmeen Ravendran Pillay

San Jose State University

We designed a microfluidic chip that mimics the fluidic environment inside of pulmonary vasculature in order to study the molecular mechanisms 


Pathogen Mitigation: Plasma Activated Water


Christopher Valdivia, Veronica Romo

San Jose State University, Jabil

Plasma activated water contains reactive species making it a viable tool for pathogen mitigation. This project investigates the optimal conditions to generate high concentrations of reactive species and their lifespan.


Polymer Encasement for External Placement of Wireless Power Transfer Coils in Pacemaker Applications


Jeoffrey Ugalde, Jed Tran, Dikaios Wong

San Jose State University, Jabil

The purpose of this project is to identify polymer materials for wireless power transfer applications. The polymer shall envelope a wireless charging coil, located on the outside surface of a pacemaker. The encasing polymer type will be tested for effects on wireless power transfer and heat generation.  

Copper Paste Investigation for Hybrid Electronics


Francisco Gallardo, Gilberto Noyola

San Jose State University, Jabil

Checking feasibility of using copper pastes for traces on a PET substrate.






Other Research Poster

BMEidea, Corporate Research, National BMES Club,etc.

Contact Lens Coatings & Polarizations for Photosensitive Epilepsy

Gaayathria Catari, Maya Papez, Asadullaah Shakur

 [1] San Jose State University

Designed a polarized, blue-tinted lens to minimize seizure outcomes in patients with photosensitive epilepsy. Utilizes therapeutic effects of blue light filters and polarization to reduce bright lights and glare triggers.

Stationary Foot Pressure Measurement System

Smriti Bhalerao, Orion Capuyon, Jehanzeb Khan, Cannon Yates

 [1] San Jose State University

A cost-effective foot pressure mapping system has been designed for general use. The device aims to measure and visualize pressure distribution in the patient's foot while standing still.

Knee Brace for Baseball Players to Stabilize and Perfect Their Pitch

Santosh Dasari, Brian Lind

 [1] San Jose State University

When Baseball players pitch, their lead leg needs to be straight while they release the ball. This knee brace will help players practice and build muscle memory for this process.

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