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Abstract: Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) - 3D HP Printer Connectivity


There is an increasing need for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to be implemented in applications for Jabil to provide real-time production data for manufacturing, supply chain, and management systems to develop software solutions to increase levels of productivity, performance, and efficiency. The benefits of IIoT consist of services such as regulation, monitoring, management, and optimization of the manufacturing processes and its products. Industries currently investing in IIoT are aerospace, government defenses systems, agriculture, manufacturing, energy division, healthcare, warehousing, refining industry, retail, and transportation.  Jabil can use this IIoT platform to make real-time decisions on all the life cycles of the manufacturing process. The long-term driver is to create a well-structured IIoT platform that will address current and future manufacturing problems such as predictive maintenance, material analysis, defect detection, and temperature control. 

The progression in the IIoT platform will allow an establishment of a data collection protocol to extract sensor data and manufacturing logs from manufacturing machines to facilitate the application of the IIoT framework in the system. The progression will also enable data to be accurately filtered, cleaned, 

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