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During this session, students from SJSU and other Universities exhibit their posters displaying research and design projects.  


Click on a poster title to view the corresponding abstract. 

Neda Nasr, Thuy O, Cynthia Ouandji, Mrudula Vemuri, San Jose State University

A Novel Cost-Effective Antimicrobial

Sergio Perez-Smith, Wayne Lehr, San Jose State University

A Novel Single Cheek Retraction Mouth Prop

Huong Phan, Benjamin Bocanegra, Adiam G-Egzabher, UC Merced

A Wearable Device Detecting Poor Posture

Michael Ernesto Balderrama, San Jose State University

Anti-Hemorrhagic Peptide

Sam Charles, Juan C. Pacheco, Shreejit Padmanabhan, Vincent Trung, Shkayb Tutakhil, San Jose State University

Bat Wing Biopsy Pen

Anna Gee, Natalie Molina, San Jose State University

Biomechanical Design and Analysis of Hybrid

Raymond Cao, Ruben Casas, Sovannida Nou, San Jose State University

Controlled Injection for Breast Augmentation
Cyclic Loading of Silica Aerogel

Maritza Fuerte, Alex DeHaan, San Jose State University

Hydroxyapatite Coating on Titanium

Alexander Colbert, San Jose State University

Immobilization of Light-Driven Biocatalysts

Opinder Dhami, Arun Kumar, Jasiah Sta. Maria, Lorenzo Pesino, Gautham Rangaraj, Catharin Schweer,

San Jose State University

Implantable Peritoneal Port for Insulin Deliver

George Karoglou, Keng-Tsai Lin, Pedram Samimi, Kojiro Wada, San Jose State University

Less Aggressive Adhesive-Based Osteoporotic
Low Cost Residual Finger Controlled Mechanical
Mycobacteria Smegmatis Biofilms Growth
Nanoparticles designed to precondition the heart

Guneet Bhogal, Ashleen Sandhu, Madiha Shah, San Jose State University

Non-Invasive Insulin Transdermal Patch

George Mavroudis, Amritpal Singh, San Jose State University

PLGA nanoparticles: synthesis via MIVM and

David Orozco, Julia Yang, San Jose State University, UC San Francisco

Palakdeep Banwait, Carolyn Jaring, Mario Medina, Siddhrajsinh Solanki, San Jose State University

Smart Pill Dispenser

Sean Arin, Kevin Bencini, Ari Schwartz, San Jose State University

SpineSafe: A variable rigidity industrial lumbar

Aidan Acosta, Bradley Los, Avtaar Mahe, San Jose State University

Therapeutic Elbow Sleeve

Leo Chestang, Mirwais Razawi, San Jose State University

Transdermal Insulin Patch

Anida Len, Andres Arreola, Perla Sandoval, San Jose State University

Ultrathin Growth of SiO2 Shells

Travis Carmichael, Sylvia Shacker, Jennifer Vu, San Jose State University


Megan Gilmore, Hsiao Ting Lin, San Jose State University

Vibration Therapy Device for Faster Healing
Zeolitic Imidazolate Framework Nanoparticles
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