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Yajuan Wang

Director of Machine Learning, Teladoc Health

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Dr. Wang is a seasoned AI/ML leader with over 15 years of experience driving innovative solutions across various industries. Currently, Dr. Wang serves as Director of Machine Learning at Teladoc Health, building high-performing teams that develop and deploy AI/ML solutions for personalized virtual care. Throughout her career, Dr. Wang has held leadership positions at Utopus Insights, IBM Watson Health, JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Bayer Healthcare, spearheading the development of prescriptive maintenance models, targeting solution in equity market and leveraging AI to improve patient outcomes. Dr. Wang got the PhD degree from Carnegie Mellon University with a strong foundation in machine learning, and her thought leadership is further evidenced by 40+ publications/conference presentations and 10+ patents. Dr. Wang ’s passion lies in translating complex data into actionable insights that create a positive business impact.


Personalized Whole Person Virtual Care

Teladoc Health's mission is empowering all people everywhere to live their healthiest lives. This talk covers how data and artificial intelligence (AI) can empower this vision within the broader healthcare ecosystem, benefiting patients and providers. Dr. Wang present project profiles that exemplify the personalized virtual care approach, including initiatives in predictive modeling and personalized content recommendation to drive member engagement, behavior change and clinical outcome improvement. Dr. Wang also discusses the broader vision for AI assistance to deliver the quintuple aim.

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