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Lianli Liu

Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Radiation Oncology, Stanford Medicine

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Lianli Liu is a clinical assistant professor at the department of radiation oncology, Stanford Medicine. Prior to joining Stanford, she received her PhD degree from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and completed clinical training at Michigan Medicine. Her clinical duty involves treatment plan review, radiation machine calibration and clinical consultation to ensure the safe practice of radiotherapy. Her research focuses on optimizing medical imaging to guide precision radiation treatment planning and delivery.


Personalize Radiotherapy through Artificial Intelligence

Radiotherapy has evolved from one treatment for all to personalized treatment planning and delivery based individual anatomy and pathology. The development of AI models has further unleashed the power of personalized radiotherapy with improved precision and efficiency. This presentation will review the current practice of integrating AI into clinical radiotherapy workflow and discuss further opportunities of advancing radiotherapy through AI.

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