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Universal Mock Circulation Loop Chamber

Daniel Sam - Biomedical Engineering Department, SJSU;
Manuel Longoria - Biomedical Engineering Department, SJSU

Dr. Alessandro Bellofiore

Technical Advisor:

Traditional mock circulation loop chambers for testing mechanical heart valves (MHVs) are limited in adaptability, such as the method in how it is used for testing. This project presents a novel, universal mock circulation loop chamber design, by method of having interchangeable cartridge assembly. The cartridge assembly is custom designed for the specific MHV size, and is the part that gets swapped between testing. Our design addresses current limitations by improving leak-proof functionality, ease of use, and interchangeability. We attempt to minimize damage during MHV installation by utilizing a modular end block and interchangeable cartridge assemblies that sandwich the MHV, instead of pushing the MHV down to the midpoint of a cylinder tube. The chamber design, modeled using Solidworks software, accommodates various MHV diameters (12mm to 27mm) through swappable cartridges, with the clinical St. Jude 27 mm bileaflet MHV as the bases for design testing. The design is made from acrylic and 3-D printed nylon. Additionally, the chamber integrates features for detailed valve performance analysis using a class IV laser and camera system. This universal design offers increased adaptability and facilitates testing of a wider range of MHVs. Future work will involve additional fabrication and experimental validation of the proposed design with new possible material for specific portions such as Sylgard 184.

Keywords: End Block, Cartridge assembly, Mock circulation loop, Inlet and Outlet valve.

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