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Synthesis and Encapsulation of Herbal Medicine in Lipid Polymer Hybrid Nanoparticles using Multi-Inlet Vortex Mixer for Enhanced Treatment of GOKO Bitters

Aretha Alcaraz - Biomedical Engineering Department, SJSU;
Adreana Zakher - Biomedical Engineering Department, SJSU

Dr. Folarin Erogbogbo

Technical Advisor:

The escalating costs and associated side effects of conventional pharmaceutical drugs necessitate exploration into alternative, more efficient therapeutic approaches. This research delves into the augmentation of traditionally used natural ingredients through nanotechnology, aiming to enhance their therapeutic efficacy while mitigating adverse effects. The study focuses on synthesizing lipid polymer hybrid nanoparticles capable of encapsulating herbal constituents found in GOKO bitters, a complex herbal mixture. The synthesis process involves utilizing an air compressor to create a pressure-driven flow through a herringbone-patterned multi-inlet vortex mixer (MIVM). This MIVM design facilitates the production of uniform nanoparticles loaded with GOKO bitters, providing a scalable and efficient method for encapsulation.
Key aspects of the study include the 3D printing of a vortex mixer for nanoparticle synthesis, elution chromatography of the herbal mixture, nanoparticle synthesis using MIVMs with varying herringbone structure lengths, dynamic light scattering (DLS), and the development of a website for 3D printed reactors. This website aims to facilitate accessibility by providing downloadable CAD files for the 3D printed reactors.
While successful nanoparticle synthesis has been achieved, further testing on affected human cells is essential to assess the viability and remedial effects of the treatment. The findings indicate promising progress in synthesizing nanoparticles, laying the foundation for potential advancements in affordable, resource-efficient, safe, and organic treatments. This research contributes to the field by offering an innovative approach that may revolutionize drug delivery systems, making treatments more accessible, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly.

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