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Smart Ring Oximeter

Anshika Jaiswal - Biomedical Engineering Student;
Ryan Fung - Biomedicel Engineering Student, SJSU;
Sean Iranzo - Biomedical Engineering Student, SJSU

Dr. Lin Jiang

Technical Advisor:

Individuals with respiratory conditions tend to require supplemental oxygen, thus they use devices like the Pulse Oximeter which reads oxygen saturation levels in blood, and the Oxygen Concentrator which concentrates oxygen from surrounding air and delivers it to the patient. However, having to constantly check the pulse oximeter manually may cause physical and psychological stress for the patient. These stresses may stem from increased anxiety due to constant monitorization, an obsessive feeling to frequently check oxygen levels, patients interrupting their sleep to examine stability, or the worriedness of potential false alarms. Having to activate the concentrator by hand is another layer added onto an already high pressure predicament. To unify the functions of the oximeter and oxygen concentrator will create an optimal home oxygen therapy experience.
The ‘Smart Ring Oximeter’ is an integrated pulse oximetry and O2 concentrator system that quickly and reliably detects when a user's blood levels are lower than a specific threshold. Introducing a ring-based oximeter to a simple, wearable device will enhance user convenience and comfort in contrast to clamping standard oximeters onto the finger. This will offer patients continuous oversight of their oxygen saturation levels, alleviating the stresses of self monitoring. Future works include the development of an app, allowing for a user-friendly interface that can allow patients to view their oxygen levels, alert low levels, and adjust alert notification thresholds.

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