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Impact of Viscosity on Droplet Formation - Jabil Fluidics

Aishna Sareen - Biomedical Engineering Department, SJSU;
Luis Murray - Computer Network Systems Management, SJSU

Heri Herrera and Niraliben Patel

Technical Advisor:

Our project aims to investigate how the viscosity of the continuous phase affects droplet formation in microfluidic systems. Droplet formation is crucial in various applications, such as drug delivery and diagnostics, but variations in droplet size can affect the accuracy of these applications. Preliminary findings suggest that the viscosity of the continuous phase has a significant impact on droplet formation. To explore this, we are using a T-junction microfluidic device, which involves combining experiments with COMSOL simulations. By systematically varying the viscosity, we can analyze droplet size, uniformity, and generation rate.

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