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AI Skin Cancer Detection

Xavi Jacobson - Biomedical Engineering Department, SJSU;
Shin Umeda - Biomedical Engineering Department, SJSU;
Dona Alhabibi - Biomedical Engineering Department, SJSU
Shayan Abdulqadir - Biomedical Engineering Department, SJSU

Dr. Lin Jiang

Technical Advisor:

This project aims to develop an AI-driven website by integrating principles from both software engineering and biomedical engineering to early detect potential Melanoma. Melanoma ranks as the most widespread skin cancer type in the United States and is also the deadliest form of skin cancer, currently affecting around 1.3 million Americans, and early potential detection of these diseases can help individuals seek professional guidance sooner. By using reliable and publicly available medical photography, a model will be trained to classify the images by using extensive datasets of at least 3000 skin images to classify skin tumors as malignant or benign. A user will be able to access the model through a website where they can upload pictures of their tumors, which will be sent to the model to be assessed. The determination from the model is then relayed to the website where the result is displayed alongside the percentage of confidence. The potential of the project is to apply artificial intelligence for our benefit and make healthcare easier to access.

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