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During this session, students from SJSU and other Universities exhibited their posters displaying research and design projects. You had the opportunity to view these projects during the entire conference. Following the afternoon panel discussions, students would be available to answer any questions about their posters.


Click on a poster title to view the corresponding abstract. 



During this session, students from SJSU and other universities will exhibit their posters displaying research and design projects. You will have the opportunity to view these projects during the entire conference. Following the afternoon panel discussions, students will be available to answer any questions about their posters. Below are the posters present during the 2019 conference.

For more information about the student poster session, please contact:

3D Printed Heat Pipe Wick Structure

Christina Castro, San Jose State University

3D Printed Hand Prosthesis for Infants

Anato Nguyen, Huyen Vo, Mohammad Ali Dardashtian, San Jose State University

3D Printing Polymers: Testing Repeatability of HP Multi Jet Fusion Printers

Karen Rivas, San Jose State University

Accelerated Blood Coagulation using a DBD Plasma Generator

Shivam Singh, Chalini Ekanayake, Sukhjap Purewal, Christopher Alvarado, Domingo Castro, San Jose State University

Adapting a Ride-On Electric Toy Car for use by a Child with Rett Syndrome as a Low-Cost Therapy Device

Aya Nakayama, Colleen J Evans, Los Angeles City College

Alternative Infant Hand Prosthesis

Ariana Espindola, Andy Duong, Jonathan Hamilton, Alsafa Abdulhameed, San Jose State University

Assembly and Characterization of the New Centrifugal Step Emulsification Equipment Setup for Microfluidic Applications

Peter Tran, David Ho, Katelyn Valladao, San Jose State University

Assisted Vertical Movement Knee Brace and Strengthening Device for Rehabilitation and Mobility

Pavankumar Nagasuri, San Jose State University

Blockchain Implementation of Supply Chain Data Analytics

Zyrina Alura Sanchez, Hassan Shenasa, Cassandra Villicana, San Jose State University

Braking Mechanism for Ambulance Gurney

Niloufar Dehghanian, Anthony Lira, Shanelle Swamy, Almarwa Abdulhameed, San Jose State University

Creation of Multi-Inlet Vortex Mixer (MIVM) to Produce Drug Loaded Nanoparticle Therapeutics for Breast Cancer Cells

Matthew Aguilar, Vicky Dinh, Lucero Sandoval, San Jose State University

Cement Augmentation for Osteoporotic Bones

Justin Do, Wendy Ho, Ngoc Le, San Jose State University

Conductive Adhesives as Interconnects on a Stretchable Substrate

Mario Pelella, Jacob Manchester, Peiheng He, San Jose State University

Chlorophyll Based CO2 Filter

Grant Thomas, May Zon Aung, Sophia Girmay, Jalesa Peterson, Ohlone College

Development of a Non-Invasive Muscle Force Sensor

Alexander Galileo Smith, San Diego State University

Development of the Handle Grip of a Walker for Hemiplegic Post-Stroke Patients

Tyler Bray, University of Pittsburgh

Effects of Substrate Pore Size on Stretchable Conductive Ink

Christine Ogundipe, Jessica Williams, Yanghyeon Kim, San Jose State University

Engineering of Vascular Grafts via Electrospinning and 3D Printing

Anthony Ma, Amy Guo, Farhana Haque, University of California Los Angeles

Evaluation of an artificial pulse for Left Ventricular Assist Devices

Sean Ortiz, San Diego State University

Hand Splint for Cerebral Palsy Patients

Abdul Hashimi, AnhThu LePhuoc, Thuan Pham, Troy Sambyal, San Jose State University

Kinetic Characterization of Nitrite Reduction to NO by the Molybdopterin Enzyme mARC2

Eric Cecco, University of Pittsburgh

Machine Learning for Melanoma Detection

Trevor Cabreros, Mee Her, Jaskiran Kalsi, San Jose State University

Mechanical Wheelchair Propulsion Attachment

Thi Bui, Riley Foss, Anusha Kudikyala, San Jose State University

Metal Particle Infused Hydrogel Bandage for Quality Wound Healing

Manal Ahmed, Suzanne Estella, Jonathan Delos Reyes, Karen Tan, David Yu, San Jose State University

Modifiable Wearable Wireless Research Grade ECG

Bianca Tenocelotl, Pranit Ravuri, Dennis Ng, San Jose State University


Alec Moldovan, Garrett Wiggs, San Jose State University

Non-invasive Glucometer using Optical Vasodilation for Early Detection of Preventable Diseases

William Huang, Markle Addis, Jocelyn Orta, San Jose State University

Non-Invasive Motor Neural Activity Recording Through the Cervical Region

Ben Phung, San Jose State University

Optimizing the Coronary Stent by Designing Vibration Dampeners and a Novel Deployment Method

Dulati Aideli, Oak Grove High School

Piezoelectric Generated Lights Using Walkways

Joshua La Rosa, Yuwei Tu, Yuhao Chen, Nay Chi Moe Htet, Ohlone College

Powered Ankle Foot Orthosis

Evan Dill, Seth Hutchinson, Miguel Ibarra, Stuart Pike, San Jose State University

Premature Infant Training Tool

Tu Pham, Mohamed Antar, Tam Tran, San Jose State University

Ratcheting Toe-Off Assist

Antonio Natar, Luis Garcia, Brian Tran, San Jose State University

Research and Development of New Geometry for Acoustic Hyperlens

Arthur Paquia, Calvin Saechao, San Jose State University

ResusciMate: A CPR Feedback Device

Jessica Lourdes Felix, Joshua Julian Sale, Wanisha Siripakdi, San Jose State University

Skin Properties in Microscale on Live Human Skin Properties in Microscale on Live Human

Miguel Coto, San Francisco State University

Smart Spirometer

Brandon Russell, Joshua Paine, Sonoma State University

Testing a Wearable Photoplethysmography Sensor to Determine Heart Rate Variability

Denise Gutierrez, Peter Lazari, Meghna Negi, San Jose State University

Transtibial Pressure Mapping Prosthetic Liner

Nicole Dermenjian, San Jose State University

Wearable Electrocardiogram

Sebastien Dervieux, San Jose State University

Automated IV Alignment System

Osama Arshad, Anh-thy Nguyen, San Jose State University

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